vrijdag 22 mei 2015

LR blush - Warm berry

English - Nederlands

I love a good pigmented blush and when a friend told me that she sold makeup from the brand LR, I said I would give it a go. 
I must say that the blush  was more expensive as I expected and the packaging looked a bit cheap.
Luckily the packaging is misleading and the blush itself is very pretty. The blush isn't as warm as the name would give it, but beautiful either way.  The blush has a great pigmentation and I love the blend it in with an other shade to give it a bit more warmth. The pale pink shade suites my fair skin tone and I love that it blends out easily. It doens't have any scent to it so it's better for you skin as they didn't add perfume to it. 
I never thought that LR would surprise me, but it actually did.The color is pretty, feminine, pigmented and easy to blend. 
This blush isn't something you can get at a drugstore but if you want to try it out, leave a comment for more details! 
PS: this isn't sponsored in any way! Paid for this blush myself out of curiosity.

xoxo Jana

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