maandag 30 maart 2015

Soft skin and some color on the lips - Video

English - Nederlands

It's been a while since I did another video but I thought it was time to upload one again. 
The makeup is pretty basic so I  think it's easy for everyone to do this look. 
I also wanted to include my new favorite lipstick that I often wear for work since it is a color that will suite lots of different skin tones . 
If the video  doesn't load, you can go to my youtube account (Janamarie). I hope you like it and if you do, you can leave a comment on  youtube or on my blog ! 

xoxo Jana

vrijdag 27 maart 2015

Fashion Friday - Aquarius

English- Nederlands

I have always been  very proud of my star sign and I've seen people with their sign on a necklace. The hunt for my own perfect necklace with my star sign begun, but I couldn't find anyone I actually liked. Until a few weeks ago when I was looking on the online webshop of Mango. 
I instantly fell in love with this multi-charm necklace. It looks very cute and I love to make this the center of my outfit! Just an all black outfit with golden accents and then this necklace is just pure heaven to me. I think it adds something more personal to a very basic outfit without making it look to much. My favorite charms are the top one and the bottom one since these look the most sophisticated and sleek. 
I love to combine a very simple minimal makeup look with this necklace, like you can see in the pictures below.
For those wondering; they have these in all star signs  so definitely go and visit your closest Mango shop or see it it is still available online, because this necklace is just to cute!   

maandag 23 maart 2015

Bourjois rouge edition - Prune afterwork

English - Nederlands

It's time for another lipstick review! Long time ago, I know. For a while I was thinking of buying a Bourjois rouge edition lipstick, but I was doubting if it was worth it. €12.99 for a drugstore lipstick isn't that cheap in my opinion, but I decided to give it a go. 
Of course I was pleasantly surprised. This lipstick is, except for my mac ones, my favorite one to use. The packaging is made of simple plastic and still I don't find it looking cheap.  The fun  thing is that you can see the actual color on the bottom  
These lipsticks have the 'ultimate melting texture', which makes them perfect for giving smooth and hydrated lips. They have 1/4 pigmentation which makes all the colors pop  and give the most perfect covering. They have a semi-shining finish and have a soft texture. I love that I can build op the intensity with this lipstick. 
This is by far one of my favorites lipsticks so I'm already looking for another lip color!  

zaterdag 21 maart 2015

W7 - 24 British eyeshadows

English - Nederlands

When I was planning an online order, I decided to add in this fun palette from W7. 
This palette looked really pretty online with lot's of colors. It has a lot of neutrals but also a few pops of colors so it's easy to make daytime appropriate looks but also smokey eyes. 
The pigmentation is a lot better then I expected all though I find it a shame they all have a lot of fallout. When I was filming the look I created with this palette, you can see a bit of a Panda-effect. Luckily it wasn't difficult to wipe away, but it still annoyed me a lot. 
Despite the beautiful colors and lovely pigmentation, I do tent to grab my Sleek- of MUA palettes more often since they don't have as many fallout. 
The price wasn't bad at all but you can get beter palettes for the same money, such as Sleek or MUA. 
I'm currently editing the video  of this look  so there might be a video comming up! 

maandag 9 maart 2015

Flat out fabulous

English - Nederlands

For those who follow me on instagram, noticed that I bought a few things at the MAC store a few weeks ago. 
The lipstick I wanted to buy wasn't in stock so I opted for a completely different color: 'Flat out fabulous'. 
While I'm writing this, I testing the lasting power of this lipstick, and I have to say that it stays on pretty long! 
I have eaten already, drank a delicious Latte caramel and my lipstick still looks perfect. The fushia pink color has a purple undertone which makes this colorpretty and spring or summer perfect. Since this is a lipstick from the retro matte line, it normally doens't apply very smooth, but this time that wasn't the case. It applies very soft and still has an amazing pigmentation. Better then I was expecting to be honest. 
For €19,00 you can find this lipstick at the MAC counter and the good thing is that it's in it's permanent range. 


woensdag 4 maart 2015

Blush academy event

English - Nederlands

A few weeks ago I received a fun message in my mailbox: an invitation for the Blush styling-&beautyday! two words that immediately spoke to me, styling and beauty, made sure I started looking for a way to  attend the event (I normally had to work that day). Luckily a very sweet colleague who wanted to switch shifts so I could let them know I was comming.

Now what is Blush exactly? Blush academy & agency is a fashion- and makeupschool, founded by Caroline Rigo and Palmira Proietti. They  offer an allround stylist or allround makeup training and since a few weeks they  also offer a summerclass to become a makeup artist and a customized fashion stylist class. (more info Blush).
Are you  excited to see what this event had in store for me? Keep  reading! 

zondag 1 maart 2015

Sunday talk - A month without blogging?

English - Nederlands

Let me start off with apologizing for not blogging during February. It has been a very busy and stressful month where I was also lacking inspiration and was feeling tired constantly. 
I wanted to make some small changes on my blog but still lack confidence to completely put myself out there. Guess the outfit post have to wait a bit longer...
At work was very stressful since my contract was ending on February 14th and we didn't know if someone had to go or not. After a lot of sleepless nights I finally heard some good news on February 13th, I could stay in the team! 
But thanks to all those sleepless nights and stress I felt like my body gave up on me. I could sleep for hours and didn't feel like blogging. Even when I wanted to blog, I just couldn't focus on writing. 
It was like staring at a blank paper for hours and not managing to put a few words on it.
I wanted to make some small changes  (besides outfit posts) to my blog but decided to put it on hold for a while till I have sorted out the details and till my blogging schedule is stable. 
I missed blogging but I don't want to force myself into posting bad blogs with horrible content so I decided to take some time of. Hopefully March will be a better month for me! 
I decided to add in some  instagram pictures so you can see what I've been up to...