woensdag 14 januari 2015

Rose gold

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Next to my love for lipsticks, I have a second love: Blushes. 
There are so many colors that can transform your face and of course not one color looks exactly the same as another. There is always something different.. the finish, the shade... 
Sleek blushes are being hyped and since I'm the prideful owner of two blushes, now three, I can understand why. 
The packaging is very simple and elegant, completely my thing! It doesn't look cheap and it also doesn't feel  cheap since the packaging is very sturdy. 
My two other blushes have amazing pigmentation so of course I was curious if this blush would be just as great. 
Rose gold is a beautiful blush with  an subtle golden glow when the light hits it. The blush is a bit less pigmented then my other to blushes, but still a great one. The color looks very natural, which you can see in the last picture. Of course you can apply more blush  if you want it to be brighter, but I prefer this natural look. Sleek has amazing blushes that you can compare to mac ones and that for less money. 
You can order rose gold online at Boozyshop.nl (they have great service!) for only €5,95. 

xoxo Jana

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