vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Sleek sunset

English - Nederlands

Today a review about my favorite makeup brand: Sleek. 
Last year when I went to London, I decided to buy two palettes of this brand, not knowing if the quality was good, but i was pleasantly surprised. 
For Christmas I asked my boyfriend if I could order some stuff online as a Christmas present, which he obviously thought it was a good idea. 
Sleek  was the brand that I could not forget to order, so I decided to check out their makeup palettes. Sunset was the one palette that stood out the most due to its warm shades, which I think looks great with blue eyes. 
The pigmentation of this palette is just as great as the other ones. They are soft and easy  to blend without having a lot of fallout. 
The warm colors are easy to combine and look beautiful with a neutral lip.  
Sleek is a very affordable brand with amazing quality that I can compare with MAC an Inglot. 
Definitely take a look at the makeup look I filmed !    

vrijdag 16 januari 2015

Fashion Friday - Fringe it is

English - Nederlands

Since I work at the lady's department, I constantly see lot's of beautiful items that are new in some collections. With the brand Halluber I spotted this nice fringe clutch  and I doubted pretty long abiut buying it or not. I have to much bags already. 
And then  the sale started... Jup, I could not resist it anymore and I decided to buy it to wear with my new year's outfit. 
Like most woman have a shoe addiction, I have a bag addiction,...and maybe shoes as well. I love this bag since it gives something unique to a simple outfit so I wear this bag all  the time. The black 'leather' is off good quality, and pretty spacious. 
It also comes with a silver chain so you can wear this as a cross-over back as well, but for me the chain was a bit too long. No big problem since I only wear this as a clutch. 
For €39,95 you can buy this in the Inno. 

woensdag 14 januari 2015

Rose gold

English - Nederlands

Next to my love for lipsticks, I have a second love: Blushes. 
There are so many colors that can transform your face and of course not one color looks exactly the same as another. There is always something different.. the finish, the shade... 
Sleek blushes are being hyped and since I'm the prideful owner of two blushes, now three, I can understand why. 
The packaging is very simple and elegant, completely my thing! It doesn't look cheap and it also doesn't feel  cheap since the packaging is very sturdy. 
My two other blushes have amazing pigmentation so of course I was curious if this blush would be just as great. 
Rose gold is a beautiful blush with  an subtle golden glow when the light hits it. The blush is a bit less pigmented then my other to blushes, but still a great one. The color looks very natural, which you can see in the last picture. Of course you can apply more blush  if you want it to be brighter, but I prefer this natural look. Sleek has amazing blushes that you can compare to mac ones and that for less money. 
You can order rose gold online at Boozyshop.nl (they have great service!) for only €5,95. 

zondag 11 januari 2015

Sunday talk - Life, work, blog

English - Nederlands

Today  I've got a small update about my life, work and my blog, so grab a cup of tea, coffee or a hot coco.

Some might already know that I  quit my studies communicationmanagement, which was a course I really enjoyed doing but it was just to difficult. Right after I quit, I luckily got the job I wanted to do: to be in the sales team of Inno Hasselt. 
Galeria Inno is a bit like Hollands Bijenkorf or England's Harrods or Mark and Spencer. The inno where I work is pretty small compared to most Inno's but it's a fun place to shop. 
Luckily I also have fun colleagues to work with so I can't complain about that! 
Keep  reading to find out my plans about my blog.

maandag 5 januari 2015

Wrapped in pink

English - Nederlands

A while ago I bumped into this lipstick from the Christmas collection  from Essence.
Essence never really stood out to me, part from  there nail polishes, but when I tried out two lipsticks for a review a while ago, I was pleasantly  surprised. 
The packaging isn't really my thing. It's bright pink and looks a bit tacky, they could have made it a bit more chique (even though Essence isn't expensive). This 'Come to  town' collection has two different shades of lipstick: '01 Is that you, Santa?' and '02 wrapped in pink'.
I decided to go for the 02 since I wasn't to fond of the collection to begin with.
The pigmentation isn't bad, but it definitely isn't as good as the two mat one I tried out earlier. You can see the lines of the lips peaking through the lipstick which doesn't look  very attractive. Also the color doesn't match the name of the lipstick. If I hadn't opened the lipstick in store, I would have been  very dissapointed since the color isn't pink but more purple. It looks a bit like MAC rebel, only the MAC version is better. It sort of has the same finish, only the wrapped in pink one is a bit more shiny then MAC rebel.
This lipstick was only €2,39 so I wasn't that dissapointed. I think the lipstick is great for that price.    

zaterdag 3 januari 2015

Fashion Friday - New shoes

English - Nederlands

I was looking for new ankle booties with a high heel for a while but didn't found the time to try some on or I just didn't like the shoes. There was always something about the booties which made me hesitate to buy them. I know, I'm very picky but the 23th of December I found the perfect pair, just in time to wear on Christmas! 
They have the perfect height and are very comfortable. These shoes worn't even expensive so I didn't hesitate for a second and just bought them. The heel height is a bit higher then I normally would wear, but since the heel is pretty thick, it's easy to walk in. 
They look very pretty with skinny jeans so I'm very happy I finally found a pair!