dinsdag 25 november 2014

Essence - Matt wanted and adorable matt

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Today i'm  going to show you two lipsticks that I was testing out on request of a reader. 
A few weeks ago someone asked me if I could try out some matt lipsticks and mac immediately popped in my mind. Now since I  can understand that not everyone want's to spent €19,00 on a lipstick, I decided to go for a maximum budget of €10,00. 
In the Kruidvat I bumped into the essence section since they  are the perfect budget brand. 
Unfortunately they don't have a lot of matte colors, but 'Matt wanted' and 'Adorable matt' really popped out for me. 
The packaging of Essence feels really light and maybe a bit cheap, but as long as it stayes closed while travelling, I'm happy. It's a simple packaging, but has a colored ring around it so you  can tell what color it it. Now don't expect a perfect match with the lip color itself because, as you  can see on the picture below, it isn't always the case. 
Are you curious on my opinion of these lipsticks?

A classical red color that isn't to bright. It applies really creamy and 
doesn't feel dry on the lips. 
I think it's a lovely red shade that isn't to extreme and luckily 
it also  stays on pretty long. 
AKlassiek rood, maar niet te fel. Hij smeert vlotjes uit en voelt ook niet droog aan. 
You can see that with this color, the ring doesn't match the lipstick color itself. It's more purply (is this even a word?) than what it looks like on the ring, but still very pretty. 
It's a wearable dark color for during the day, especially with a neutral eye look. 
I'm very pleased with these lipsticks. The pigmentation is great, they look pretty and there lasting power is decent enough for only €2,39.

xoxo Jana 

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