maandag 18 augustus 2014

P2 - Make up base

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Since April I've been trying out the make-up base from P2. 
I love the packaging since it is very handy due to it's hygienic pump, but also because it comes in a tube so you can cut the end open when it's "empty'. Now you don't waste any product.
The colorful packaging immediately stands out which I really like. Unfortunately I do not like the scent of this product. It smells pretty chemical, not exactly the type of scent you want to put on your face. But the main thing it how this product works and I have to say it does work. 
It makes my foundation last longer. My foundation has less shine during the day and doesn't glide of my face after a few hours. This primer also has an illuminating glow to it and you  can see it a bit peeking trough your foundation in real life. 
What I also liked was that my skin reacted really good to this product, because sometimes when I try something new, my skin just explodes. 
For only €3.95 I do think this works really well. Perfect for people on a budget! 

xoxo Jana

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