zondag 1 juni 2014

P2 - Baker street

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It's been very calm on my blog lately. Too calm actually, but lately i've been feeling really stressed about everything. The exams are coming again and my panic attacks have returned. I've been dealing with a lot of headaches the past few days, which makes blogging really difficult. 
Today I decided to give it a  go since it is the first day of June. 
Baker street is a beautiful lipstick from the brand P2, which you can buy in the DM. 
This lipstick is one that speaks for it's own. When you wear this one, I recommend wearing a subtle eye look with it or else it's going to look overwhelming.   
A bright pink, fushia color with great pigmentation. It apply's like a lip balm and only needs one swipe for the perfect color payoff. 
The packaging is basic. A silver bullet with the color and name on the bottom. 
The lipsticks from P2 really surprised me and this one is definitely part of my favorites for summer. 
You only pay €1,95 for this beautiful color.    


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