woensdag 4 juni 2014

May favorites

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May flew by so fast! It's already June so that means that I have exams comming up which are costing a lot of stress. Luckily I found some time to share my favorites of May. 
First up is this lip balm from Babylips. 
This is my very first lip balm from babylips from Maybelline I bought and I have to  say i'm very happy with it. I'm not able to say a lot about it but there is going to be a little blog about it soon. 
Curious to my other favorites? Keep reading! 

This lovely blush appeared recent on my blog. 
I'm so happy I picked this one up in Germany, cause i've been wearing it
every day since than. 
You can read the full review here. 

I've never been a huge fan of lip gloss to be honest. 
When I got this one as a birthday gift I decided to give it a try. 
Despite the smell that i'm not very fond of, I'm in love with it! 
I mean, look at that gorgeous packaging! 
You can read the review here.

I'm the type of person who can't live without foundation. My face has a lot of 
scaring and red spots so a foundation with a good coverage is very important
Since this foundation is a bit too light, I like to mix this with my BE creative 
feather matt foundation for the perfect color. 
You can find the full review here.

I've been using this oil for a while against stretchmarks and scars. 
Some scars have faded but the stretchmarks are still visible. 
I love that this oil hydrates the skin but also works for scaring and stretchmarks. 
I prefer to use this 1 or 2 a week since it is really oily (duh!). 

This mousse smells divine! 
It makes my skin feel so soft and clean and I love that the 
scent is fruity but not to intense. 
You can read the review here.

This buffing brush is probably the best one I have every used. 
It blends my foundation perfectly without making stripes on my face. 
It also doesn't take long to apply you  foundation with this brush since the 
hairs are thick and it is a very dense brush. 

I'm a very big fan of Zara perfums but when I visited Douglas, I spotted this packaging.
I didn't look at the price when I smelled this but It smelled so good I just had to buy it. 
Thank God I was very cheap! Only €9.99 for this lovely scent. 

This bracelet I won at a giveaway from Melfortune. 
Since it was winter when I won this, I stored it away and I recently decided to 
wear it. Ever since than I've been wearing this multiple times a week. 
I just love the way it looks and completes an outfit! 
You can read the full review here.

I can hear you think 'A basic T-shirt as a favorite?!'. 
Well yes, but it's not as basic as you might think. 
The sleeves are lace and at the hips the fabric is also just lace
 so you can see your skin peeking through. 
It's a very lose fitting T-shirt so perfect for the warmer weather.  

xoxo Jana 

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