donderdag 15 mei 2014

Demak'up facelook - Purple Ombre

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I think that almost everyone knows I'm addicted to the color purple. Now that's it's also a trend color I couldn't be more excited to use this one for the Demak'up facelook contest. 
We had to create a look that wasn't only wearable but also unique and trendy. 
Purple ombre it is. 

I decided to create two options for this look. The focus was on the eyes since it is about the purple. For option one I went with a nude lip to make it more wearable fur during the day. 
The second option is more for during the evening and has an ombre lip. Purple as well as ombre is a huge trend so I thought this would be perfect together. 
What's also fun, is that the purple eyeshadow has a blue sheen to it... and yes, blue is also a trend color! 
I'm very exited to see what  everyone thinks about these looks! 



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xoxo Jana

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