vrijdag 2 mei 2014

April favorites

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I didn't do any favorites last month. I'm the kind of person who sticks to the same products so it was difficult to find new favorites. 
So  let's start this favorites post with this lovely nail polish from Estee Lauder. 
I'm so happy I picked this one up in sale because it's such a lovely color. It looks very elegant on the nails and stays on pretty long. Despite I had to pay €10.50, I'm  still happy I bought it. 
Normally it was around €21 so I did a pretty good deal. 
Read more here  about this nailpolish. 

I wrote about this very enthusiastic. This skincare package changed my skin.  Of course I still have the occasionally  break-outs, but not like it used to be. After using this product, my skin feels 
clean and refreshed. Unfortunately it's empty so time for a new one. 

Take a moment to look at this palette. How can you  say no to this?! 
It was just calling my name from the store so I just couldn't help myself and 
eventually I bought it. 
I wear some of the shades weekly because the pigmentation is just stunning

I was looking at this lipstick for quite some time and 
I kept drooling over it every time I was in the MAC store. 
Since it wasn't that nice for the lady's who were working there, I 
decided to keep it less awkward and just buy this gorgeous lipstick. 
I have been wearing this almost every day, I'm just that in love with it. 

This moisturizer is the bomb. One that i'm defiantly going to buy again. 
It moisturizes my skin and does miracles for my acné. 
It's from Lush so the fact that they don't test on animals 
is another plus for me.. 

I just love this handbag. It's super handy to use because of it's different compartments and it's also 
nice and small so you  don't carry a lot with you. 
It's perfect for someone like me, who always carry's a lot with her. 

These rings I bought a while ago in H&M, but I didn't blog about it. 
Still I think these look really nice and I've been wearing them almost every day.

xoxo Jana 

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