woensdag 16 april 2014

My first vlog

English - Nederlands

I'm a pretty huge fan of youtube. Hauls,tutorials, but especially video diaries. 
Personally I think it's fun to watch what your idols are doing in their spare time, where they hang out or what they like to eat or drink. Not so I can copy them, but just because I find it interesting to see they are just like us. 
I've been thinking about vlogging for a while now but it scares me to talk in front of a camera. I hate hearing my voice on film.
When I went to Germany Melissa encouraged me to go for it and so I did. I did deleted the audio and added in some music so it was a bit of a win-win situation for me. 
I didn't manage to film my entire week but I do have quite some footage that I would like to share. 
Feel free to take a look at my vlog from Montabaur! 

xoxo Jana

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