woensdag 30 april 2014


English - Nederlands

Today it's time for a fun lip color. In Germany, Melissa and I spotted the brand Manhattan and I first planned not to buy anything since I already had a pretty big amount of make-up. But when I saw this lovely shade, I just could not resist. 
It's a funky red color with pinkish undertones. I was expecting it to be a bright color but not as neon as it turned uit. 
It applies very soft and smooth and stays on pretty well. Not the best lipstick because after drinking or eating something, the lipstick tend to go of. So unless you don't mind applying your lipstick multiple times a day, I would not suggest this one. 
It's not my personal favorite but I do plan on wearing this one during spring and summer since it is just an amazing color. 
It was only €3.99 which isn't bad. Perfect for students on a budget. 

xoxo Jana

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