vrijdag 18 april 2014

Food en clothing haul - Germany

English - Nederlands

My first haul from Germany. I have to say that I didn't spend as much as I thought. 
I really love fashion and i'm constantly looking around on blogs for cool outfits and inspiration, but since I do have so body-issues I have to deal with first, I hardly ever buy clothing. I love shoes and bags but in Germany I didn't saw any I really liked so I opted for T-shirts. 
The first two are really basic and easy to wear with everything. 
The last two are more dressy or have a cute detail. 
I also bought some food items. Not that i'm going to eat this all in one week... 

This chocolate bar with oreo I learned to eat thanks to Melissa. 
I bought three of them since they were so cheap here, but I'm 
not going to eat this all in one week! 
Milka oreo: €0.95 each

About this microwave popcorn... Normally I could buy these in my supermarket 
but for some reason they stopped selling it. 
When I saw these, I decided to buy these for movie dates with my boyfriend.
Popcorn: 0.99€/each

Another thing Melissa introduced me to is Fritt. 
Really delicious candy so I decided to bring one package home with me. 
Fritt: 0.59€

Tally Weijl T-shirt: 3.99€

TAKKO T-shirt: 3.99€

Only T-shirt: 26.95€

New Yorker T-shirt: 9.99€

xoxo Jana

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