woensdag 9 april 2014

Clinique Anti-blemish solution

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For today, I've got another skincare product for you. Well more like a skincare set. 
This Clinique set I bought a while ago a.k.a I finished all the products. I think it's easier to review skincare products when you used them  a lot or when you finished them so you can really tell if they  worked or not. 
This little set I bought when my skin was extremely  bad. I had these little pimples under my skin and these really big ones started to  pop up on my cheeks. 
Normally it doesn't bother me that much since I used to had severe acne but this time I felt like people were starring at me .
I decided it was time for a new skincare regime. In the Ici Paris I bought this little set  even though I only wanted to get a cleaner. 
The first product you use is a cleaning mousse which feels really soft on the skin ( at least I think so. It makes my skin feel fresh and really soft. 
Next up you use the tonic. For me, using a tonic is a must since it removes all the dirt that you have left on your skin. It makes it feel fresh and clean. It's best to use this one on a wet cotton ball with just a bit of product. By using it this way, the product doesn't irritate the skin or dries it out to much. Finally there is the day cream. I think it's pretty important to moisturize the skin after using lotion and other skin products. It feeds the skin so it doesn't dry out and it makes it really soft and hydrated. 
 Then there is also a tinted daycreme in this set but i'm not going to say something about it since it wasn't my color and I couldn't try it out. 
I used this mini-set for more then 2 months and only paid €9.99. 

xoxo Jana

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