maandag 3 maart 2014

EVENT: reopening Lushstore Antwerp

English - Nederlands

On Friday 21st February, Melissa and I went to the opening of the Lush store in Antwerp. 
Our day  started of pretty hectic since we first had to give a presentation in class. We decided to go first so we could catch our train  to Antwerp. After hearing all the positive and a few negative comments, we could pack our stuff and head to the train station. During the ride some strange guy came and sit right next to me, listened to my conversation  with Melissa and then started talking to us... Awkward. 
When we arrived in Antwerp, we had to stop by Starbuck (not that impressed with the drinks), and then headed out to Lush. 
The store looked beautiful with all  the wooden details. 
In the store, we were welcomed by a 'banana' which was a woman dressed as a banana. I thought it was cool and different then just basic clothes. 
At the entry the woman guided us to the back of the store, where we were offered drinks and some fruitsticks since we had VIP-cards. After that we got a tour around the store and the woman tested some products on our hands and give us some explanations of the products. 
Next we got some time to take some pictures and   try out other products. 
We also got the chance to pick out one product of choice for free. I decided to keep it with that free product and didn't buy something else since I didn't really needed something. I went for a moisturizer which i'm going to review as soon as possible. I do regret not getting the ultrabland since I really liked it when the 'banana' tested this on my hand. Maybe next time ? Up next i've got a lot of pictures from the event so  if there are some questions, feel free to ask!  

xoxo Jana

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