dinsdag 7 januari 2014

Vintage pink

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Lipsticks and blushes, I just love them. 
I think they can transform  an entire look and face. It's perfect for people who aren't good with eyeshadows  also known as ME. 
Blending eyeshadows isn't my strongest point and when I do a smokey eye I quickley begin to look like a raccoon... very attractive I know. So I personally prefer a winked eyeliner, mascara and a pretty lipstick and blush. 
I love bright and very dark colors during the evening but during the day I love a subtle color. Nudes are perfect to enhance your natural lip color but most of them are to pale of to pink for me. 
When I saw this beautiful shade from Rimmel, I really wanted to try it. Vintage pink is a beautiful pink, a little darker than usual but still nude enough for me. Also a huge plus is that it doesn't contain any glitters so it looks less like child make-up. 
I love the pigmentation and the fact that it also moisturizes the lips is another plus. I'm very pleased with this lipstick and even though I only have 2 out of this collection, I know i'm going to get more. 

6 opmerkingen:

  1. gorgeous color for you! I can't wait until these show up in the US!

  2. Mooi zacht roze kleurtje. Staat je goed!

  3. Hele mooie kleur! Staat je goed meid :)

    xx Romy

  4. I am currently using this! I love it :)


  5. Heey,
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog.
    I have this lipstick to and let me tell you it's amazing ^^

    x. Adriana