zondag 15 december 2013

Sweater weather tag

English - Nederlands

Today I have a fun tag ready ! The sweater weather tag ! 

1. Favorite candle scent?

I really like vanilla scented candles. I'm a person who does not want to spent a lot of money
on a candle so I buy mine in Ikea or Action. 

2. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
I prefer hot chocolate but since I can't drink a lot of milk, I think I would pick coffee

3. What is the best fall memory you have?
I can't really remember a special fall memorie. I did bought my  first MAC lipstick during fall which was a pretty big deal for me. 

4. Which make-up trend do you prefer? Dark lips or winked eyeliner?
I prefer a combination. I think a winked eyeliner goes perfect with a dark lip especially during fall. My favorite lipstick is MAC rebel or one from Rimmel (review is comming up very soon).  

5. Best fall fragrance ?
I really like the fragrances from Zara. Not only do most of them smell really good, but they are also cheap. 

6. Favorite thanksgiving food?
Unfortunately  we don't have thanksgiving in Belgium, but those sweet potatoes seem really good.

7. What is autumn weather like where you live?
It really gets cold during fall and winter but I think it's really cosy when you can sit inside in front of a fireplace.  

8. Most worn sweater.
I don't really have a sweater I like the most. As long as it's comfortable and soft I could wear anything. 

9.Must-have nail polish for fall. 
Easy : O.P.I. Road house blues. Such a pretty dark blue color for fall. It doesn't have to be all glittery  and stuff. 

10. Football games of jumping in leaf piles?
I don't like football games. I can't watch it because I think it is so boring so i'll pick jumping in leaf piles. 

11. Skinny jeans or leggings?
Skinny jeans. Easy pick.  
I don't think leggings are ugly but I just don't have the ideal  figure for it. 

12. Combat boots or Uggs?
This one is so easy: Combat boots. I really dislike Uggs. I think they are so ugly (sorry if you really like them,this is just my opinion). 
I do think I might get a pair of Uggs, just for at home since they are really soft, warm and comfortable. 

13. Is pumpkin spice latte worth the hype?
I really don't know. Were I live we don't a starbucks, but we do have 2 other nice coffee shops. 
Coffee Café en Sweet coffee. 
I can recommend the red fruit iced tea from Sweet coffee during spring and summer and Latte ferrero during fall and winter! 
So good!   

14. Favorite fall TV-show?
Pretty little liars for sure, but unfortunately we have to wait a while till the next episodes. 
I also like The carrie diaries and the originals ( a spin off  from  the vampire diaries) and of course the vampire diaries! 

15. What song really gets you in the fall spirit?
I don't really have a favorite song that suits this season but I like: Ed Sheeran  -  I see fire (van the hobbit 2)
One republic - Counting stars. 

xoxo Jana 

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