vrijdag 27 december 2013

My favorite bracelets

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Toda y a little bit of fashion! 

I'm going to share my top 3 favorite bracelets with you. Unlike the big statement necklaces, I like really simple bracelets that are easy to combine. 
Two of the bracelets are from Primark and are really cheap(Love thatstore). 
And one is from Bijoux Brigit which has really pretty jewellery. 

This first bracelet I bought in Primark when I went to London.
I still haven't worn it yet, but it is just so pretty! 
Maybe I can wear it on new years eve. 
It was only €6,00. 

This one I bought when I went to Maastricht in a store called Bijoux Brigitte. I bought it in gold and silver. 
I wear the gold one quite often but the silver one was for a giveaway. 
These bracelets were €4.95 each. 

This one came in a set of 3 from Primark. I love these delicate bracelets because you can stock them up or just wear one. 
Unfortunately I think most of these bracelets are quite expensive for something so small and delicate, 
so I was pretty happy when I saw this one for only €3,50.

xoxo Jana

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