donderdag 5 december 2013

Favorites of November


November went by way to fast if you ask me. 
I'm now studying for my exams and still have two more to go... 
I have to say that being a blogger isn't very helpfull for my exams since I'm constantly searching for ideas and other blogs. I'm a very distracted person so  this doesn't help at all. 
Luckily i'm almost finished so I can concentrate on my blog instead. 

I'm not gonna show the lipstick color already since i'm going to blog about it very soon. 
But let me just say that this lipstick is just gorgeous. 

This brush is way better than I expected! It blends my foundation beautifully and makes it look so 
natural and airbrushed! 

In a previous post I said I liked big statement necklaces, which I do, but for bracelets they have to be small 
and delicate. I often  find statement bracelets very annoying. 

Two beautiful palettes that I use almost every day! That are so functional due to all the different colors! 
You can create a beautiful day look or a sexy evening look with these palettes.

Sleek stole my heart! Not only the palettes are my favorite this month but also this beautiful blush. 
I already wrote a blog about this on my dutch blog so a blog about this one will be op pretty soon! 

Such a lovely nailpolish. The beautiful shimmer makes is look very elegant and chic. 
I love nudes and not only during spring and summer but also during fall and winter.

Look at that packaging. Do I really need to say more ?
The pouder really sets my foundation well and gives my face a beautiful glow
without it making me look like a discoball.

Oh i love these two. They are very cheap, yet smell amazing! 
I really need to buy these again.

This product does wonders for your hair! It makes it so soft 
and if you have an irritated scalp, this will help you to get rid of that. 
It is a bit on the pricier side but totally worth the money!  

xoxo Jana

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  1. that powder is jaw-dropping gorgeous! Great post!!

  2. All the producst look great! I have the Real techniques expert face brush, I like it a lot :)