maandag 9 december 2013

Elf posh

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Today another lipstick from Elfcosmetics.  
This color is called Posh. I'm pretty picky when it comes to choosing a dark lipstick, so I was pretty excited to see if this one could fill up my expectations. 
Let's start of with the packaging. Well it just the same as the previous one I reviewd. Pretty difficult to get the lipstick up and down, but other than that it's fine. Nothing special. 
About the lipstick it self ? It smells so good! I just can't stop smelling this lipstick. 
Of course it's not about the smell but about the pigmentation. It's so pigmented! I was just blown away about the color payoff, especially for that price ! 
It's also very moisturizing and soft for the lips. 
I'm deffinatly a fan of this color since it is perfect for fall! 


xoxo Jana 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It's looks awesome, not too dark. Lovely.

  2. sounds like a great value for only a buck!
    great review!