zaterdag 30 november 2013

Elf classy

English -  Nederlands

This beautiful lipstick I wanted to review for a while now so today I finally got to do it! 
When I  ordered some elfproducts, I ordered this beautiful lipstick since I have an addiction... 
I did not had high expectations since this product only cost €1,00 and yet I felt a slight disappointment when I tried to open the lipstick. The lipstick shade is really beautiful and perfect for spring and summer but the packaging is a bit stiff, which makes it difficult to get the lipstick up and down. 
Now about the lipsticks: I love this one!  
Such a beautiful color and it feels so soft on my lips, almost like a lip balm. 
Since this product was so cheap I did not expect a great pigmentation but this just blew me away! The color is bright pink after just 1 layer! The color is called Classy which suits his lipstick pretty well. 
And not only is the pigmentation amazing, the lipsticks smell really really well! 
I'm so happy I ordered them and tho the packaging isn't the best, I really don't mind. 

donderdag 28 november 2013

Let's contour

English - Nederlands

Today I have a product for you guys, which I never used before. 
It's the ELF contouring and blush kit. Everybody knows what blush is and how to use it, but I never tried contouring. 
Let me just say that I found it very difficult.  
Elf gives you two options: the cream contouring kit or the pouder contouring kit. I choosed  the cream version since I thought this would look more natural. 
The product blends very easily which made it look like shadows and made it look natural. (This is why it was very hard to photograph). 
At first I was a bit scared that the color would be to dark for my pale skin but when you blend the product, it really looks good. 
I had very high expectations and I have to say  that elf really surprised me in a good way. 
The packaging is really simple and neutral black but I really like it. It's easy to work with and very handy for travelling since it has a mirror inside. 
I was pleasantly surprised by this product and I'm hoping that I will be better at contouring! 
This product only costed €4.00

dinsdag 26 november 2013

my favorite necklaces

Today I wanted to share my top 3 favorite necklaces with you.
Lately i'm addicted to big statement necklaces, the bigger the better. 
Though I find it quit hard to find the perfect one since I do not want my necklaces to look or feel cheap. 
It has to look like a quality, maybe even expensive, necklace. 
The latest trend are those chunky chain necklaces which I really like, but I find it really hard to find a descent one. Most chain necklaces feel really plastic which is just awfull. 
As you can tell, i'm really picky when it comes to accessory. 
These 3 are the ones that really got my attention and I really love wearing them. 

maandag 25 november 2013

My new laptop

So today i'm finally writing a blog on my new laptop. 
Even though my old one still worked I did needed a new one since the old one couldn't work without it's charger. Since I have an exame on laptop in December, I needed a new one because they would not provide enough sockets for my charger.
I do have to say that i'm glad I finally have a new one since my old laptop  was already 6 years old. You could tell it was getting to old because it always had trouble finding internet so I had to wait half an hour before I could go on facebook or youtube or whatever. 
I do  want to mention I payed this laptop with my own money! I did not asked my parents for a new one. 

Fall make-up look for work

English - Nederlands

Today I have a beautiful yet simple look for the fall time for you. 
I posted this look a while ago on my dutch blog but definitely wanted to share this with my English readers as well. 
Now that I have my new laptop, i'm trying to upload all my dutch blog post on here as well even though i'm very busy! 
Now about this look: I love this for the fall and especially for work or school when I want to look descent en classy. I think that a smokey eye isn't as wearable for school or work as a dark lip for some reason. 

zondag 24 november 2013

Sleek - Storm

English - Nederlands

Storm suits this pallet so well doesn't it ? 
These colors just scream fall  to me and I love them! The colors are dark, mysterious and falll aproved. 
Personally I think this pallet is more fun to work with then the sleek 'Oh so special' due to all the fun colors. 
The pigmentation is so good, you don't need much product to create that beautiful dark look you want. 
The pallets cover is made of black hard plastick so it doens't look cheap at all. I actually think it look pretty expensive!
The only downside I can think of, is that unlike the Oh so special pallet, this one doesn't have names for the eyeshadows. I think it's always nice to read the fun names they give a color ! 
Other than that, i'm very pleased with this amazing pallet and I think I will order a few more... 
This pallet only coasts  £ 7.99 or €9.99

ELF peachy

English - Nederlands

For today I got a new blush! 
Last week I received a packaged from Elf cosmetics
For those who don't now elf cosmetics: it's an online website where the sell beautiful make-up products for a very cheap price. Elf is known for 1€ make-up ( a bit like £1,00 make-up from MUA). Now this sounds to good to be true, doesn't it ?
Luckily i'm the type of person who likes to try out things and wanted to give this brand a chance. 
I orderd this beautiful blush from  the Elf mineral collection
I have to say that I really like the packaging. It's simple, black and solid. Not bad for €1,00. 
Elf cosmetics says this blush is good for oily skin and it promises that it will absorb the extra oils so it will create a matt effect.  Well it sure keeps it's promise! My cheeks are less shiny and less greasy but, yeah there is a but, due to the beautiful little bits of gold glitter, you get a very pretty, healty flush off color. 
I went for the color 'Peachy' since I wanted something different then the pink I usually go for. 
So far this is one of my favorite blushes and it only coasts €6,00! 
Make sure to check out

vrijdag 22 november 2013

Glow all out

English - Nederlands

I know my english blog is a bit behind on my dutch blog, but as soon as I get my new laptop (tomorrow hopefully) I will try to blog in English more often! 

Now for today I have this beautiful product! I mean, look at this cute packaging! 
This amazing pouder from Soap and glory is supposed to give your face a beautiful healthy glow, which it does. 
I do not recommend putting this over your entire face but on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and cupids bow to give it that little extra glow. 
Although I can't find soap and glory anywhere in Belgium, I do not regret buying this product  since it works really well. 
The shine that it gives my skin looks so healthy and natural. It was also very affordable since it only coast £11,00 or € 12,87. Not bad for this beautiful illuminator! 

maandag 11 november 2013

Tea tree - Lush

English - Nederlands

For today it's an amazing product that i'm going to review! 
Since I have a very difficult acné pro skin it's difficult to find products that actually work for me. 
I've tried so many different things like going to a dermatologist, taking pills, creams, soaps,..., everything. 
Unfortunately most things didn't last very long. They've worked for a month or two and then the bad breakouts start again. 
When reading so many great comment about Lush tea tree, the curiosity came very quickly, and I couldn't help buying it. 
Let's say I still don't regret this decision. This product is the best i've tried so far and works miracles on my annoying skin. 
Ever since I'm using this, my breakouts have been gone or at least much less then before. 
From all the products i've used this one is the best ever! 
I've bought mine in the small size (Should have bought the big one!) which coast $9.95. 

dinsdag 5 november 2013

Oh so special - Sleek

English - Nederlands

Today I have this beautiful palette ready for you guys.  
The name says it all  - Oh so special, perfect to describe this amazing palette.
I never tried Sleek products out before since we don't have this brand in Belgium, but when I saw it in London I knew I had to buy it. And so I did. 
Ever since London I'm the proud owner of this very lovely palette. It's easy to work with and has so many beautiful shades. The pigmentation is just wonderful and the colors are easy to blend. 
Some have glitters and some don't and the ones without the glitter tend to have a little less pigmentation than the ones with glitter. No problem for me cause I love the glittery ones the most. 
I only paid £7,99 for this amazing palette and it is totally worth every penny!