dinsdag 16 april 2013

Review: Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer


The Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer is one of the newest hypes in the country and I have to say, I understand why. The pigmentation is great and it last for a pretty long time.
The packaging is just as great as the product itself. It is a beautiful and practical packaging with a cute sponsapplicator that works easily.
 This product promised to nurture the lips as a lip balm, ensure the same pigmentation as a lipstick and should provide as much gloss as with a lip gloss, but is it true?
This lipstick stays quite a few hours, but the gloss is gone pretty quick. It feels soft and comfortable on the lips (lip balm effect?​​).
Another plus point is of course the price: 10,99 €!
I tested the color  'Apocaliptic' for  you. A bright fushia color that is immediately noticeable. Best is to combine this lip gloss with a natural eyelook but you can also experiment with a cateye.
This lip gloss is perfect for a night out I think. What do you think?


 xoxo Jana

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