zaterdag 16 maart 2013

Saturday update!


And it's weekend again. Unfortunately for me, no relaxing weekend since Monday I have another exam. This  does not mean that we are not able to start the morning healthy! I started with a really nice breakfast: wholemeal crackers with herb cheese, a cup of coffee and a piece of fruit. Now it's time to do some studying before I go for another jogging round. Yes during exams is a little relaxation is always nice!
I also have some exciting news! My little puppy has finally arrivesd at our place and is now keeping me company at night when i'm still studying. She still sleeps alot but she's doing very great. Can't say that I regret buying a new puppy cause its to adorable to say no to! Look how cute she looks! Could you resist?
Now i'm off studying again with loads of coffee and a fruit salade (pineapple and banana) cause my next exam is going to be a disaster ... dear god help me!
Hopefully, you have a great weekend and for the one with exams: success! 

1. Our dog just arrived! // 2. Tired from the trip? // 3. Still tired... // 4. Sleeping (again) on my foot // 5.Coffee to keep me going during the exames // 6. Mom's homemaid waffles // 7. A little healthy snack  // 8. My favorite candle from Action.
 xoxo Jana

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