vrijdag 8 maart 2013

It's a win for me


As you could read in my previous blog, I had won a contest of Diana. Meanwhile I have used this product several times and I must say I love it. The packaging alone exudes luxury! And believe me when I say that not only the packaging surprised me but also the product itself.


Normally I'm not a fan of hair oils and serums because they make my hair greasy. Although I have very dry hair at the tips, my scalp get’s greasy pretty fast. Now I had recently suffered from a painful tightness at my scalp so this product came as a godsend. Only a few drops were sufficient to calm down this feeling.
The dose varies from person to person. People with thicker hair would have to take 4 drops and people with thinner hair 2. Also, you don’t have to wash your hair after using this product and it doesn’t make your scalp greasy (fortunately). the product should make your hair thicker, but whether this is true I do not know. I myself have thick hair and therefore I don’t need thicker hair.
Unfortunately this product is on the pricey side because you have to pay  € 43 for a bottle of 60ml.
xoxo Jana

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