maandag 11 maart 2013

Hello miserable weather and exams


And a first exam is over. I hope it went well, but something you can never predict. Don’t ever ask me to say if my exams went good or bad because then the chances are that I am completely wrong.
5 more nights and then I can finally hold Kyla. Our puppy is going to be very spoiled, you can be sure of that!
Last week it was a good 18 ° C, and now it's been snowing again. Belgium I hate you!
I also started working out again. This is because I feel really bad in my skin and I also hope to one day have the guts to post some outfit for you guys. Of course health goes first
Now we all like to relax a bit during the exams and for me relaxing means reading blogs. I love being updated about other blogs so half an hour before heading to bed I love to read a few of my favorites.


Also, here are some inspiration photos to keep my motivated during the exames !

Hopefully you're week is better then mine !
xoxo Jana

ps: I do NOT own these photo's !

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