donderdag 14 maart 2013



As some might know my birthday was over a month ago. However, I just managed to take some pictures of the gifts (lack of time is terrible here!). I am super happy with everything I've got and I love my friends and family that they bought all these cute gifts for me.
My boyfriend got 2 vanilla scented candles since I really love them and a new mp3. Yes you read that right: An MP3 and not an Ipod. I'm much too clumsy so my mp3 often falls, so I think it’s a bit too expensive to buy an Ipod. But with this MP3 I am very satisfied. My parents gave me the best gift ever. This was also needed for school, but this remains my favorite. From my parents I got the Nikon D3100 a beauty of a camera. Since I have this camera, I also started blogging again. With my previous camera the quality was so bad that I found blogging itself was rather pointless, so thank you Mom and Dad for my great camera. From my 3 best friends I got some cool stuff. My best friend had given me just money since she had no time to get something. From Gaetana and Karen I got different beauty stuff that I can always use. Maybe I’ll do a review on some of the products. From my I got two nice MAC products I will that I will definitely review. The lipstick is so beautiful and the concealer works perfectly.


xoxo Jana

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  1. A camera is the best thing to recieve ! ;)


    1. Indeed such a great thing but it's heavy haha :p