maandag 14 januari 2013

happy 2013!

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Happy 2013 everyone!
I wish you all a nice new year and may all your dreams come true. As you might have noticed I’ve been away  during the holidays. Not because I was too lazy but because unfortunately I had to work everyday from 8 o’clock till 23 o’clock. Positive about it? MONEY = shopping = blog ideas!
In my previous blog you could read that I really didn’t wanted to celebrate Christmas and wasn’t really in the mood to party, but nevertheless I had a lot of fun. Everyone was friendly, the food was super and the gifts were great. As you can see from pictures , I did not recieved a lot of gifts. At home and at my aunts place we work with a card-pull system so you do not have to buy for everyone. Everyone would already  be uninspired after two years  and it is not exciting when you know who has to buy stuff for you. Unfortunately there were many giftcards which  means  that everyone was already uninspired.

My boyfriend gave me a book by Sylvia Day: ‘ Reflected in you’ , along with a handbag that I will show in an OOTD-blog . Then I received a giftcard from  Sac D'Anvers from  my sister’s boyfriend which  I‘m very happy about because I really  need a new schoolbag. My uncle gave me a giftcard from The Sting and a T-shirt that is unfortunately in the dirty laundry. Frankly, I rarely ever find something fun in The Sting. Oh well maybe a few basic pieces ? My parents gave me a giftcard of a beauty institute which I had not expected but i’m  very happy with it . (Facial!). From my grandparents and aunt I recieved money to go shopping and from  my cousin  I  recieved an early birthday present : M.A.C! Since I'm a studen, high-end makeup is not something I quickly buy  so I was very happy that I could pick something! My collection is expanded up to 3  (Yes 3) MAC products!
For myself, I  bought my first OPI nail polish. Not  because it is more expensive than all my other nailpolishes but because I can’t  find it nowhere  nearby. I also bought a new lotion and moisturizer since my old one was already empty and make-up without moisturizer is an absolute no-go for me. Now let’s hope  that this wil deliver good work!




xoxo JanaMarie

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