zondag 20 januari 2013

my first product review!


Do not kill me if this is a terrible review. It’s my First time and I  hope to improve every time I post a new one. So despite the fact that the bourjois healty mix foundation exists for a pretty long time, I actually got it just a week ago.  You can ask me to true out any beautyproduct, but I hate traying out foundation.  Mostly my skin looks orange or to tan or I get pimples everywhere and believe me that you really do not want to see how that turns out.
In the drugstore I always looked at the product because I was pretty curious about it. I always wondered if it really worked but never deared to try it because of my difficult skintype. So last week I decided to give it a shot and … I love it!
It makes my skin feel so soft and it covers all my blemishes without looking like I’m wearing way to much junk on my face.
This foundation has a great fruity scent which I like a lot.  
The packaging is very hygienic because it has a pump and it’s made out of plastic so it’s very light.  

This foundation only costs € 14,50 which I think isn’t bad for a good quality drugstore foundation.


xoxo JanaMarie

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