vrijdag 9 november 2012

X-mos time!

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hi bloggers,

so I've been away for a while because unfortunately I had a lot of schoolwork. Unfortunately, this is Still the same but ... I now have vacation! Hopefully a little more time to work on my blog.

For me it all started at school last ThursdayThen we had Xmos evening, a sort of celebration for the final year students. In the last year we had a gala dinner and then we went to the versus (the most popular club in Hasselt).
It was super funEveryone was in costume or was dressed up very nice!

The next day we had breakfast and film and there was the xmos show. We all had the same sweater, got through school, left at half past 9 to the cinema (only 2 hours sleep!) To watch the film project X and then a party during the xmos show which was hilarious .
Of course after the show began the holidays for everyone and mine started great. My boyfriend and I went on a weekend at sea. Nothing really special, but just to have something fun to do among us two.

This Saturday we are going to The Hunger Games (team Katniss ofcourse!), Tuesday to primark in Liege and hopefully I find the time to blog about it!

hopefully you guys have a great week/ weekend!


ps: sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. These were not taken by me.

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