vrijdag 9 november 2012

How to save your skin after a party?

You know how  it goes…you went to bed too late (maybe you  never went to sleep at all?), had to much cocktails and you did not drink enough water during the day. These are a disaster for your skin.

The next morning you wake up, looking in the mirror, seeing that your face is swollen and you have dark cirkels under your eyes . You probably forgot to remove your makeup as well since you have a few pimples.

Now the big question: what should I  do ?!

1.       Try to remove your makeup before you crawl into your bed. I know you probably  are tired and are only thinking about your bed, but trust me, your skin needs some rest as well.

So clean your face and apply a mosturizer or a nightcreme. 

2.       The next day you better avoid wearing alot of makeup. I know that you don’t want to look at those ugly dark cirkels and dehydrated skin, but putting on to much makeup will only make the problem worse.

3.       For the people out there who have to leave the house but don’t want to look as if you haven’t slept for days, you can wear concealer to hide the dark cirkels as much as possible.

4.       If you can, try to go to a beauty salon for a facial treatment.

xoxo J.

ps: writing mistakes can always be reported (i'm not perfect!). These tips are also written down because my next blog will be about my birthday.

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