vrijdag 23 november 2012

Breaking dawn & christmas-shopping*

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During the weekend, my boyfriend and I went to Hasselt to do some christmas shopping.
In the month December I  have my exams so I don’t have time …
I was hoping to score a nice outfit and a few Gifts but there were so many people! I don’t know if there was some sort af event but it wasn’t fun at al.
I hate crowded, noisy places where people start pushing or when you have to wait half an hour to try on a dress.
Because the lines to the dressingrooms where to long everywhere,  my boyfriend decided to buy us some American soda. It was the First time we tried it but it tasted really good. I loved it.
We bought it in ‘American Today’, where they don’t only sell very cute clothes but also typical American candy and soda.
Although i’m not that big of a soda-lover, I did enjoy it.
Despite the fact that there where so many people, I did managed to get a few things for myself.
My boyfriend was so relieved when I said that shopping was over, yes he hates it (which guy doesn’t?!).
At the end of the day we went out with my cousin and her boyfriend to watch the twilight saga: breaking dawn part 2.
Since I don’t want to spoil the movie for those who haven’t watched it, I will not tell anything about it. The only thing I have to say about it is; AMAZING!
I was blown away by the movie, which is pretty difficult to do since i like the books more.
The previous movies were a bit of a dissapointment, because i just liked the books better but this one kinda surprised me.
Movie you win okay? Happy now?

Hope you liked my blog

Xoxo J.

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