vrijdag 9 november 2012

19th birthday!

So last weekend my two best friends and I celebrated my 19th birthday in a small pub.
I didn’t want to invite boys, because I wanted to have a little girls night with my 2 best friends. Of course one of my friends decided that she wanted to bring here boyfriend…
I did not let that screw up my little party.
We drink a lot, talked a lot and laughed a lot.
I had a great time!
Sandra stayed over at my place untill Saturday so Saterday we had a relax day what a facial mask and painting our nails. I did her make-up since she isn’t really that great at it ( she said so herself!) and gave her tips. By midday, my boyfriend came to pick us up and we want to Hasselt.
Sandra went home, while me and my boyfriend went shopping, had dinner and went to a pub.
Sunday was supposed to be lazyday but unfortunately i got the flu.  My boyfriend was so sweet! He even putted me in bed that night!

So let me now show you some pictures !

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